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Speaking about the seeming minority of a problem of number of fur animals against the social and economic transformations happening now in our country, it is worth to remember that, fur trade always made the income item in our economy, and that renewal of its best traditions will promote economic recovery and growth of welfare of middle class to which the main part of the population belongs. Therefore it is necessary to solve this problem, and it is necessary to do it as soon as possible.

The huge benefit is derived by rodents and hares from the wrong maintaining by the person forest and agriculture. Cuttings down are carried out not on norms, the considerable part of hay and grain almost constantly remains untidy. As a result rodents strongly bred, the number of the predators feeding on them, mainly foxes increased. They conduct hunting for a hare more and more seldom - the hare visits fields and personal plots more often - its number increased - the number of a wolf etc. increased.

The essence of a method of excursion consists that during zoological tour which is conducted in the fixed territory with a known area and extent of a route traces of activity of mammals (their storerooms, tracks, pellets, dens, pogryza of plants, etc.), and also cases of direct supervision of animals are considered.