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It is well-known that all built buildings and constructions and also vehicles of the car and the equipment under the influence of various natural and functional factors lose the operational qualities and collapse. Besides, on market value makes external economic impact from a direct environment and change of the market environment. Thus distinguish physical wear (loss operational, functional or an obsolescence (loss of technological compliance of cost in connection with scientific and technical progress), external or economic wear (change of appeal of object from the point of view of change of an external environment, including change of the market environment).

The state and municipal enterprises in conditions of privatization appeared at the initial stage of without accurate mechanism of functioning, without strict an of the rights and duties of heads that conducted to squandering of means, unreasonably high income of heads.

Mutual debt of economic subjects in itself — the phenomenon not alien and to the countries with the developed market economy. for a transition period consists in sharp increase in a, its large sizes, sharpness of consequences, indissoluble communication with contradictions and the crisis phenomena of a transitional.

The following are applied to the debtor: reorganization, liquidating, settlement agreement. Reorganization procedures include external management of property of the debtor and sanitation. Treat liquidating procedures:

negative animated effect when non-payments in one place generate the whole chain of non-payments on all, aggravating marketing and financial problems of the enterprises, decline in production;

In that case, when at the time of acceptance by the Federal of the decision on obligatory sale of the enterprise debtor. being in federal property, in arbitration court case on insolvency of the enterprise is considered. The federal management is obliged to declare the petition for carrying out management of property of this enterprise in court. At an court of such petition of action for implementation of the solution of Federal management join in the plan of carrying out external management of property of the debtor. If business about ^ to Nosta of the enterprise which is in federal property is excited after adoption by Federal management of the decision on obligatory sale of the enterprise, this management to declare in arbitration court the petition for stay of proceeding for the term necessary for implementation of the decision, but no more than for six months.

Originality is that along with expansion of the relations there is a strengthening of naturalization of economy (a barterization, development of own source of raw materials by the enterprises) and regionalizations of economic communications (first of all because of growth of transport expenses).

ability to find earlier signs of the future trouble, not noticeable for the nonspecialist, a prsdpriyatiya as was already noted, the causal dependence of crisis situations hidden in the most market economy, is caused by continuous change market orientations of the consumer.

Considering the report of the competitive managing director, the arbitration court has the right to suggest it to bring in it necessary specifications and amendments. In the absence of remarks the arbitration court approves the report and definition on closing of competitive production.

large number of the idle formally registered enterprises (among the reasons: a krizisnost of economy, difficulty of a of financial means, and also aiming of a row from them on carrying out single speculative operations, functions of "spare airfield", etc.);

In the conditions of crisis economy very unreliable are associations having big risk for its participants (excepting former limited liability partnerships). Actually there are such forms of partnership and cooperation of businessmen from their themselves which replace with themselves associations with the legal status.

Siabzhenchesko-sbytovye relations of the enterprises. The relations between the enterprises for an occasion material a (means of labor, materials, raw materials, accessories and sale of production get more and more market orientation, are exposed to the increasing influence of sprosovy restrictions, however in a noticeable measure keep the specifics resulting from special of a transitional economy.