Where Good Ideas Come From Writing Task 1

Learn how to think like a scientist

Such creation of training of mathematics hard affects all children. However the pupils who were admitted to school with the high level of a school maturity substantially compensate the arising difficulty at the expense of own high intellectual potential, level of the mathematical representations which developed during the preschool period.

Mathematical memory. It is possible to assume that its characteristics also follow from features of mathematical science that is memory on generalizations, the formalized structures, logical schemes;

Abilities are not something once and for all predetermined, they are formed and develop in the course of training, in the course of exercise, mastering the related activity therefore it is necessary to form, develop, bring up, to improve abilities of children and cannot be expected in advance precisely as this development can far go.

Fatigue of children of group of risk to mathematics is increased. Therefore lessons of mathematics have to be interesting, entertaining. It is necessary to consider specific features of children, to carry out fizkultminutka to remove exhaustion.